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Zilliqa Mainnet Launch date: 31 January, 2019


The zilliqa team has finally set a date for Zilliqa Mainnet launch. The team decided to launch it on Jan 31, 2019. All the eyes in the crypto town are set on the launch, and it is being scrutinized by all the investors as well as crypto enthusiasts. The team moved the release date from the fourth quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2019 in order to release a stable and reliable product. They requested the time from the investors and enthusiast to make improvements to the project.
The date was confirmed in a recent Ask Me Anything session by ZIL team on social media platforms like Reddit and Telegram. The completed session has been uploaded online for anyone who is interested. There will be a third version of the Testnet by the end of November, before the release of Mainnet. The team will also be issuing mining guidelines for the platform during the third Testnet.
The Team informed that they do not plan to change their name now or in the near future, keeping in mind the Marketing of the company. They also stated a plan to strive and be one of the top ICOs in the coming years. The team also brought to light that Zilliqa has undergone safety and security audit by three different companies. The added that the findings were not critical and will be releasing the public report soon.
Zilliqa team also reported regarding their USP, i.e., scalability using Sharding, ensuring that this is the most promising solution to scalability issue within the Crypto Industry. They also reported about their developing project of smart contract language “Scilla.” They gave the link to Scilla to learn more about it.
They also answered many questions about Mining which not only included block reward and mining curve but also ensure that there will be a guide posted for Linux miners. They also acknowledged the fact that miners who are mining ETH will be able to dual mine.
They updated in the roadmap regarding the token swap from the ERC token to new ZIL on the blockchain will start from the end of quarter 1,2019 and continue into the second quarter, 2019. This time frame will provide ample time for owners of ZIL to swap their tokens. The token swap will be supported by different exchanges.


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